The significance and responsibility of consuming loan warranty insurance

consumer finance guarantee insurance is defined by the borrower as the insured and the insurer agreed, when the person is unable to pay their loans on time, is responsible for damages to the insured by the insurer without repayment of the loan principal and interest.

in consuming loan warranty insurance, the insured borrower in the loan relationship (or debtor), insured lenders in loan relationships (or creditors), whose essence is to policyholders of the insurer for the insured to provide loan guarantees. In economic developed of today, increasingly more of personal consumption need through loan to achieved, for example purchase value larger of motor vehicle, and housing,, for example loan people cannot timely repayment of loan, lending people of loss will very huge, so consumption loan guarantee insurance, both meet has personal consumption and life of need, and will provides loan party of risk passed on to has insurer, in insurance practice in the get has more fast of development. Such as the people's insurance company of individual automobile consumer finance guarantee insurance and consumer finance guarantee insurance.

areas of responsibility are:

when the insured three months of repayment of loans to the insured, the insurer is liable for the applicant to repayment of the loan principal and interest of the insured;

II the insurer liable the insurer agrees to pay the fees in advance, including the insured to recover arrears of court costs and lawyers fees.

what reason will have an impact on personal loans?

what reason will have an impact on personal loans? here are three conditions affecting the personal loan approval amount


different loans, credit approval basis will vary, and the results are often very different. In simple terms, an important indicator of monthly income is a measure of unsecured loans, amount to about 10 times the borrower's monthly income, the limit of up to 500,000 yuan.

and mortgage approvals based on totally different borrower income can be used only on successful credit plays a driving role, provides housing mortgage loan amount should be based on the borrower's assessment measured value, often to assess the value of 70%. So, for example, users with large capital needs, we might as well within the scope of the license, consider applying for a mortgage loan.

professional nature

when applying for unsecured loans, civil servants, teachers, doctors, the world's top 500 fixed occupational groups such as employees, funding agencies are particularly favored objects. The reason is that permanent job means having a fixed source of income, and their strong repayment capacity will also let lenders lending risks are effectively controlled. Based on this, the lenders typically such people, relatively high approval of credit.