Microcredit interest rates?

we all know that teachers apply for small loans is a favorable condition because banking institutions when approving loans, fixed income fixed for some positions of the borrower, as a line of high quality, and the teacher is one, that teachers apply what is micro-loan interest rates?

c may in the human understanding in all, there is a misunderstanding, civil servants, teachers, doctors and other applications of micro-loan interest rates are lower, in fact, this is not accurate. Of course, lenders may, based on the comprehensive qualifications of the applicant are given preferential interest rates, but only by professional obtain preferential interest rates generally are less likely.

ordinary teachers to apply for the micro-lending interest rates of borrowers and the same, most of the monthly interest at a rate, loans are usually in the more than 2000 Yuan, less than 300,000 yuan, the actual loan amount cannot be more than 6 times the average monthly wage.

the other, qualifications of teachers better, proposed by banking institutions to apply for small loans, interest rates are generally slightly lower than the interest rate on lending institutions, average monthly interest rate is about 2%.

in addition, teachers to apply for the loan secured loan, and repayment in full and on time each month, or late adverse credit history, although there are advantages, can think about secured loan is relatively difficult.

through private borrowing small loans work?

at the time of loan, many qualifications not good borrowers to get loans through private borrowing for processing. Through private borrowing small loans that mark it? actually credits would like to introduce all of them below.

valiant credits recommended by some people, such as loan demand, either big loan amount, as far as possible selecting formal lending institutions, even if enough banking institutions loan troubles, also look for regular small loan company loan, so that we can guarantee. If civil handling of micro-loans, do not have access to any relevant legal protection, and even signed a loan contract, disputes are likely to occur, if disputes arise, borrowers and lenders are likely not to protect the interests of the parties.

for example not to civil handling of micro-credit, recommends borrowing both try to do the following:

1, signed loan contract or agreements have the force of law;

2, in the contract or agreement must be reflected in the loan amount, interest rate, repayment terms, breach of contract and other related matters necessary. Recommends looking for a formal contract as a reference;

3, the formal lending institutions will not charge any fees before the loan, for example, when looking for a private service organizations of micro-credit, be sure not to pay in advance.