Personal loan processing process

personal loans-secured loans and unsecured loans, banking on the borrower's loan conditions standards requirements:

1, with a Chinese ID card, or proof of residence, 18 years of age.

2, non-criminal fugitives, no bad habits.

3, good credit, have a certain economic strength, ability to repay principal and interest.

4, the borrower must have full civil capacity of a natural person, must ensure that the loans are used for legitimate business.

5, has a stable job and income, high integrity, asset ownership, not malicious default on bank loans, no triangle. Attached files and the spouse a valid identity card, passport, marriage certificate (unmarried need to provide proof of unmarried or single verification), near a three-month financial statements or utility bills or register, personal tax records, or nearly three months bank statements or bank transaction flow or bank book.

How to go through the process above is personal loan. Finally, we would also like to remind you that, if you have the relevant loan requirements, be sure to consult a professional commercial bank, don't believe false information online, so as to avoid damage to your property.

formal microcredit should be the same?

in life, we will inevitably encounter cash flow problems. Therefore, many people will choose to apply for small loans. However, loan for microfinance institutions now is too much. Formal microfinance where should handle it? small series to introduce today.

regular personal small loans lies in the choice of formal lending institutions in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests are not undermined. So, what lender is normal? first is known as banks, Bank microfinance products more, have small loans for personal consumption, also have small loans for personal business.

second is the non-bank financial institutions, microfinance companies, investment management firms, financial information company. Non-bank financial institutions loan products are also very rich.