Interest rates on consumer loans and lines introduced

meet consumer demand, many people would apply for consumer loans. Also, consumer loan application is relatively broad. Many borrowers want to know, consumer loans lending rates high? today actually credits to give all the people about it.

valiant credit understand that current interest rates on consumer loans, one year following includes the one-year benchmark interest rate is 5.6%. More than one-year benchmark interest rates of not more than five years for 6%. But only the base rate, whether banks or other lending institutions, will float on the basis of benchmark interest rates.

higher interest rates on consumer loans are not high? different agencies on the basis of the benchmark interest rate, floating rate are not the same. In General, floating 10%, small loan companies for qualified applicant is not too good, may float 20%-40%.

through the introduction of serious credit, believes all the loan interest rates for consumer loans to people who have a certain understanding, hope that actually loan can bring some help to all people.

effect decoration loan quotas of the three major reasons for

Tang house was finally purchased it, delighted, Mr Tang and some worry, because funds have been in the hands of House decoration enough. So he prepared for renovation loans through lending institutions. Lending institutions when applying for renovation loans, different borrowers of the final loan amount is different, here is introduced for all, three reasons affecting renovation loans.

it is understood that the decoration loan can apply for the loan amount depends on the conditions of the applicant's application. Individual eligibility criteria are different, can handle the credit lines are not the same and decoration loan amount mainly under the influence of several reasons:

1, personal income. Personal unsecured items now, you need to apply for a credit loan for the renovation, it can apply for a line of credit is mainly look at applicants months winding and unwinding, can apply for a line of credit is 5-8 times the monthly income.

2, collateral value. Applicant if there are real estate mortgages, loans can apply to get the higher amount of decoration. Mortgage loan amounts can apply for its mortgage loans valued at around 70%.

3, the professional nature. Now, some banking institutions can apply for a credit card home staging, which typically are civil servants, teachers, the banking sector's employees, registered more than 30 million of the company's senior management to apply for, apply for a loan amount of up to 10.2 million Yuan.