Personal consumer loan types, advantages and disadvantages of introducing

individual consumption loan refers to the Bank issued to an individual family or individual to purchase consumer goods or pay for other costs associated with personal consumption loans.

specific types are as follows:

1, personal car loans Bank loans issued to an individual for the purchase of cars, including car, commercial vehicles, new and used cars.

2, personal education loans; banks to students or their immediate family members, legal guardians granting loans for its school-funding needs. : National student loans and business loans.

3, personal consumer loans; banks issued to an individual for the purchase of large consumer durables Yuan of secured loans. Durable consumer goods usually refers to a larger value, relatively long service life, other than motor vehicles, houses, and other household goods.

 4, line of personal consumption loans Bank issued to an individual for consumption, can be recycled in a certain period and amount RMB loan. Borrowers can apply first to the Bank effective lines, used only when necessary, do not use does not charge interest on the loans. Lines within the validity period, the customer may at any time apply to the Bank.

 5, individual consumption loans Bank issued to an individual for the individual and their family members to participate in Bank-approved travel agency domestic and foreign loan requirements for travel.

 6, individual medical loans Bank issued to an individual for the community and their spouses or immediate injury when visiting a doctor shortage of funds the loan.

personal car loan pros and cons list

comprehensive consumer loans are a form of commercial bank loans, and refers to the Bank to apply for the purchase of "reasonable uses of goods or services" personal lending borrowers buying cars are also included in this group. Below, we take a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of individual automobile consumer loans?

personal car loan benefits: low interest rate

personal car consumption loans by banks, mostly on the basis of the Central Bank's benchmark lending rate floating, usually between 0-30%. The Central Bank has cut interest rates, personal car loans interest rates will decline. Like, consumers zhiqian application one years period of car loan 50,000 yuan, interest rate for benchmark interest rate floating 30%, actual interest rate for 7.8%, months for for 4344 Yuan, interest for 2137 Yuan; and Bank cut Hou, one years period benchmark interest rate for 5.6%, floating 30% Hou of actual interest rate for 7.28%, so, months for for 4332 Yuan, interest for 1993 Yuan, interest less has 144 Yuan, declined has many.

personal car loan disadvantages: high threshold, examination and approval strictly

now, commercial bank "-direct credit" car loans car loans interest rates, but this car has its limitations. For such loans need not only provides proof of income, Bank water information, work units of banks to value loans, there are no real estate and other assets, subject to strict examination and approval may be given only after the loan, so the threshold higher than other car loan products. Commercial Bank car loans had no other fees for credit good, repayment ability of consumers is the most cost-effective products.