Consumer loan application and loan application limits apply for consumer loan

applying for consumer loans lines of credit

life, in the face of substantial under spending enough money, they can apply for loans, but whether enough borrowers a loan amount of demand? this is a question that all borrowers are cares, then, can apply for consumer loan to borrow money?

consumer loans according to whether the applicant to provide collateral, can be divided into mortgages and unsecured loans, that is, we often say that the credit. Regardless of what kind of loans, apply for a renovation loan credit minimum of 5000 Yuan per transaction. Up to no more than 150,000 yuan.

but in the loan process, the applicant can receive lending quotas, still has close links with the qualifications. We often know the mortgage if it houses as collateral, lending in the housing market valuation is less than 70%, no more than 70%.

If applying for a housing loan, again with the housing decoration loan, the total loan amount will not exceed 80% of the estimated value of the housing market. In other words, higher market valuation, can achieve higher credit lines.

regardless of the method by applying for consumer loans, securing a loan, the borrower must remember the monthly payments in full and on time, otherwise, appear late would have serious effects on individual credit history.

abroad tourism money enough application loan of method has which

abroad tourism has became a fashion, and Chen Miss also wants to chase with fashion of footsteps out trip country tourism, but, hand Shang has part money used to investment, moment received not back, abroad tourism of costs some enough, so, she wants to application a pen tourism loan, so, abroad tourism money enough application loan of method has which does?

first of all, travel abroad travel must be able to apply for a loan, and this loan is called personal consumption loans for consumer purposes. Personal loans can be used to travel abroad, decoration, such as getting married, buying a car, study abroad, can apply for such loans. And some banks will have a tourist loan products, such as industrial bank "with the tour" travel loan products can apply to it.

Secondly, want to apply for this type of loan, you need to provide personal identification, work certificate, proof of residence and proof of income (Bank water) and other materials, also need a good credit record. The biggest advantage is that these types of loans do not need to provide any collateral can handle, very convenient, just ready for the above information, you can apply directly to a bank loan.

in addition, microfinance companies other than banks has such unsecured loans business, and the MCC threshold lower than banks, required material is largely the same, high success rate, fast processing speed than, your credit record is not very good friends, you can choose micro-loan company loan for tourism.