Apply for consumer loan any good?

big-ticket consumer problems in life, not enough money, most friends will apply for consumer loans from banking institutions, but more stringent loan approval of banking institutions, wants to successfully obtain the loan is not that easy, that applications for consumer loans from banking institutions rejected what solution do you have?

to this end, the valiant credits several banking institutions are summarized for all consumer loans rejected solution:

provide collateral mortgage loans

consumer loan was refused personal repayment ability is likely to be functionally illiterate, able to provide collateral such as real estate, banking institutions will have sufficient repayment ability of the borrower, if not loans, banking institutions can also dispose of mortgage housing.

looking for guarantee agencies to handle the

credit situation and repayment capability standards will not result in consumer loans from banking institutions do not come down, but as long as the security agencies participate, these problems can be solved. But it will have a guaranteed fee, total loan costs may be higher, unless it is necessary, otherwise does not recommend this method.

for micro-credit companies applying for consumer loans

currently, most micro-credit companies also has loan products and lending conditions in general are a lot lower than the banking institutions, while lending rate faster than banks. If banking institutions were denied, all who may wish to change their thinking, in micro-loan company may loans successfully.

so the rejection of applying for consumer loans from banking institutions have to worry about, these methods can help you to get a loan.

banks and loan companies to apply for renovation loan good

decoration has no money, is able to apply for renovation loans, and in recent years, methods of applying for a renovation loan in addition to the loan for renovation of banking institutions, also can find loan companies to apply for renovation loans that banks and lending companies which apply for a renovation loan is better?

banking institutions decoration loan

If unsecured items, decoration loan would like to apply for banking institutions is difficult. Decoration loan application banking institutions usually require the borrower has a good credit history, current business units work for more than 6 months, banking institutions can provide immediate 3-6 months serial, to individuals of higher qualification requirements. However, the lending rates are relatively low, but handle the slower, longer process. Costs required for loans friends right choice for banking institutions.