Interest rates on consumer loans and renovation loans

consumer loans lending rates high?

meet consumer demand, many people would apply for consumer loans. Also, consumer loan application is relatively broad. Many borrowers want to know, consumer loans lending rates high? today actually credits to give all the people about it.

valiant credit understand that current interest rates on consumer loans, one year following includes the one-year benchmark interest rate is 5.6%. More than one-year benchmark interest rates of not more than five years for 6%. But this is just the base interest rate, whether banks or other lending institutions, will float on the basis of benchmark interest rates.

higher interest rates on consumer loans are not high? different agencies on the basis of the benchmark interest rate, floating rate are not the same. In General, floating 10%, small loan companies for qualified applicant is not too good, may float 20%-40%.

through the introduction of serious credit, believes all the loan interest rates for consumer loans to people who have a certain understanding, hope that actually loan can bring some help to all people.

renovation money can apply for a mortgage loan?

in the decoration, such as a lack of funding problems, many people are considering applying for a mortgage. The renovation money can apply for mortgage loans? today actually credits to give all the people about it.

actually lend understanding, such as the decoration of the borrower have enough money and mortgages can be used to cover the cost of repair, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the mortgage funds is more extensive, is can be used for decorating, cars, travel, study and other purposes.

However, is in need of attention, such as the housing loan borrowers name on buying, and is currently in the repayment period, you cannot use the property to the mortgage, because the House is still owned by the banking institutions being loan, will not be able to apply for mortgage loans.

in addition, such as a borrower's personal credit is good, and has a steady job and income, repayment ability, that can apply for a personal loan to get the renovation funds, the loan amount is usually in about 10 times the borrower's monthly income, which borrowers are needed to prevail under the relevant lending institutions.