Small loans of banks not to do?

Sun woman desperate for money, banking applications apply for a small loan, easing the financial issues. But during the repayment period, and could not afford to, what the? granddaughter don't worry, valiant credits describe below: small loans of banks not to do?

can apply for a loan extension. The borrower fails to repay, and prior to the maturity of the loan can be obtained from the lender to apply for a loan extension. Extension period depends on the original loan term may be. In General, short-term loan extension does not exceed the term of the original loan, mid-term loan extension not exceeding half of the original loan term, long term loan extension not exceeding three years. Application for loan extension, can ease the pressure to repay a certain timeframe.

borrow loan first. Some banks are not "reasonable", or maybe it's due to risk concerns, does not accept applications for loan extension. In that case, borrowers can find friends and family loans, banks on loans.

when bank loans on a borrower is not, do not drag not, that result in penalties, and will be recorded in the credit system, have a certain impact on personal credit loans. Some borrowers, so you cannot even apply for loans.


apply for consumer loan how to get higher

new housing needs renovation, homes need to buy furniture, appliances, lack of money to buy a car, study abroad money is not enough, they are eligible to apply for consumer loans. But many people will apply for consumer loan payments are not much, many of the time cannot meet the demand. How can apply for consumer loan higher amounts it? master application methods, is not difficult to solve this problem.

first, consumer loans consumer loans into mortgage-backed loans and credits. General high amount of unsecured consumer loans, only reaching a maximum of 500,000 yuan, usually high consumer loan, certain collateral is needed.

for example, borrowers to provide collateral such as real estate, cars, lenders normally receive maximum collateral value around 80% line of credit. Assets, for example, at the time of applying for unsecured consumer loans, provide documentation of these assets, can also play a role in raising the loan limit.

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