Personal loan you need to meet these conditions?

when the funding problems, many people will apply for a personal loan. However, many people apply for a personal loan is not very understanding of the conditions you need to meet. Today actually credits to give all the people about it.

according to actually loan understand, application personal loan need meet has these conditions:

1, and in China territory has fixed residence, and has local town resident account, and has completely civil capacity of China citizens, General of age in 22 age--55 age;

2, and has due and fixed economic income of good career, has regular repayment of loan principal and interest of capacity;

3, and law-abiding, no violations and the bad credit records;

4, no bad records in the personal credit records;

5, other conditions stipulated by banking institutions.

meet the loan conditions, according to the use of personal loans and personal ability to choose the right type of loan. While ready personal identity document, proof of income, banking institutions and water proof of residence, submitting materials to the banking institution at any time, audit to banking institutions eligible to apply for loans.