Decoration loan loan how much?

after a loan to buy a House, renovation is following the second test, typically, buyers after the loan to buy a House, all that remains is not much savings, most of the method to cover the cost of renovation. So, many people will choose to apply for renovation loans to solve the problem. In the case of unsecured items, can apply for a renovation loan how much money?

according to the current situation knows, if in the case of unsecured items and good credit record, can apply for personal credit loans, that is, unsecured personal loans, loans of money can be used for decoration. Unsecured personal loan loan amount to a maximum of 500,000 yuan, reality can handle the highest loan to a monthly income of about 4-8 times. In addition to the renovation, loans can be used for travel, marriage, car, buy bulk goods and so on.

Although in the case of unsecured loan for renovation, the loan amount is not very high, but in case we borrow money to meet the need for decoration, can try to handle the many unsecured personal loan by way of decoration. Because the current lot of micro-credit companies without access to the credit system, so in a micro-loan companies to apply for renovation loans, another loan company, cannot view the situation. Take advantage of this, borrowers can try to apply to the Bank loan obtained enough renovation money. But note that, within the range must be in your own, avoid applying for loans, monthly payments too much pressure, have an impact on life.

in fact, in the case of unsecured items, apply for a renovation loan limit is the level of personal income has a great relationship with the borrower, decoration of the income gained from the higher loan amount is higher.

personal loan with what are the advantages?

is the so-called loan refers to policy mortgage held by the insured to the insurer, according to a certain proportion of the cash value of the policy method of funding a loan. Because mortgage loan insurance customers in the process are not affected, so that policies remain in force.

for customers who need cash flow in the short term, a policy loan is a good option, main advantages are:

first, the policy effective cases, customers may continue to enjoy the policy during the policy loan agreement insurance cover. Compared with the surrender, the applicant need not worry about losing because of the surrender, and avoid loss of surrender charges.